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Were There Any Significant Reasons Why The Khiron (KHRNF) Stock Increased 11% Last Session?

Khiron Life Sciences Corp. (OTC-KHRNF) stock jumped noticeably as it recorded a rise of 11.39% to $0.1114 at the previous close as the company remained dominating in the British cannabis market. The performance of Khiron (KHRNF) stock over the last week was 0.32% versus its monthly performance of -46.06%.

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How did KHRNF maintain its dominance?

Khiron (KHRNF) maintained its market domination in the UK’s medical cannabis business in Q1 2022, with cannabis sales volume increasing by 240 percent over the whole year of 2021. Khiron’s end-to-end solution of government legislation, supply chain, distribution, and clinics prescribing Khiron’s medicinal cannabis products is driving this expansion.

The United Kingdom, with a population of about 67 million people, has the potential to have at least 1.5 percent, medicinal cannabis patients. Khiron operates primarily in Latin America and Europe as a prominent global medicinal cannabis enterprise.

KHRNF combines a patient-centered approach, physician education programs, scientific expertise, product innovation, and a focus on creating access to drive prescriptions and brand loyalty with patients worldwide by leveraging wholly-owned medical health clinics and proprietary telemedicine platforms.

KHRNF’s medical cannabis products and clinical services, which are being employed by patients and medical practitioners, meet the UK’s huge potential. Khiron inaugurated its first European Zerenia Medical Cannabis Clinics in the UK in late 2021, providing telemedicine services to patients throughout the country and helping the company build its patient base.

With its first two products on the market, KHRNF has already gained market leadership in the UK, and it is KHIRON 20/1 THC-predominant strain is one of the best-selling medically prescribed products on the market. Khiron aims to reach its first $1 million in sales in the UK in Q1 2022, and as the firm increases its portfolio and patient base, it will solidify its market position in the country.

What has KHRNF been eyeing?

Europe contributed 33% of Khiron’s (KHRNF) medical cannabis revenues in 2021, with over 1.5 million CAD. Europe will account for more than half of KHRNF cannabis revenues in Q1 2022 and beyond, cementing Khiron’s position as a worldwide leader in the medical cannabis industry.

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