Earnings may be on the menu for Square Inc. (SQ)

According to Keefe Bank, Bruyette & Woods analysts, digital payment platform Square Inc. (SQ) has been upgraded. The Square ecosystem is expanding rapidly, and experts praise the SQ stock’s efforts to broaden its connectivity.

Keefe, Bruyette & Woods’s latest investment report indicates that Square is presently valued “above the market” and its price target has risen to $250. Experts say its advantage is a growing ecosystem centered on the popular platforms known as Seller and Cash App. They now provide a wide range of tools for carrying out financial and other transactions. For instance, using the Seller app, stores can run the store’s administrative activities as well, such as processing payments, creating online storefronts, managing social networks, scheduling work, paying salaries, and handling other tasks required to run a business.

Additionally, Cash App is being used for obtaining financial services, from paying bills to investing in securities and digital currencies.

Despite its recent acquisitions, Square Inc.’s (SQ) position is expected to strengthen as a consequence of Credit Karma Tax and Tidal. Square will have many options for social commerce, such as Tidal’s music platform.

In an increasingly digital world, Square helps its consumers to adapt quickly, so the SQ stock continues growing rapidly. Meanwhile, payment services are being expanded by new customers as well as by the growth of the existing ones. This will result in greater value for each subscriber as customers become increasingly affected by services provided by the application ecosystem.

Moving on to the past performance of Square Inc. (SQ), we will explore various trends for SQ. SQ’s stock rose by 10.09% over the one week and retreated by -2.00% over the past one-month period. SQ stock price increased by 3.83% during the last quarter. Over the last six months, the stock has increased 41.19%, with a full-year gain of 390.30%. This stock’s year-to-date (YTD) price performance is positive at 5.45%.