Is NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) a great stock to handle current market conditions?

NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) finished another extremely solid quarter that was the best yet, thanks to strong sales amid mining and the COVID-19 pandemic. NVIDIA’s revenues have grown 84 % year-over-year inside its first quarter of the fiscal year 2022, generating $5.66 billion. As a result, diluted earnings per share increased by 106 % to $ 3.03 billion.

Processors for gaming video cards are in strong demand, as are processors for data centers. The revenue for the professional visualization segment was the lowest, but it had a substantial increase of 21 %, to $372 million. Additionally, operating expenses rose by double digits, but free cash flow remained stronger than ever at $ 1.56 billion.

Moreover, the growing demand for artificial intelligence (AI) computing explains NVIDIA’s growth in its data-center solutions segment. Moreover, NVIDIA has successfully launched a marketing campaign introducing its RTX graphics technology for the design and gaming industries. Growth will continue to be the primary driver for NVIDIA, and the company expects its annual revenues to grow by over 63 % to $ 6.3 billion.

The NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) shareholders meeting approved a share split in the past quarter, which resulted in a division of one share into four. This will make stocks available to many more investors, which are currently too expensive for most private investors. The raising of additional liquidity might encourage the NVDA to grow its quotes further. Stocks of companies can be included in long-term portfolios by many retail investors.

NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA) shares were climbing 0.24% to trade at $621.0 in premarket at last check. Thursday’s closing price of $619.52 for NVDA’s stock was down -1.35 percent. A total of 14.54 million shares were traded, which was higher than the average daily volume of 7.97 million shares over the past 50 days. Within the last week, the shares of NVDA have risen by 5.99%, giving them a 102.49% gain over the past 12 months. It has gained 12.93% in the last three months and 19.53 % in the last six months. A current market value of $375.83 billion and 620.00 million shares was outstanding for the company.