Has Bambuser (BSKZF) Stock Risen Last Session For A Reason?

During the last trading session, shares of Bambuser AB (OTC: BSKZF) closed at $2.2119, up 29.35%. BSKZF stock opened at its current price and remained unchanged throughout the session, while 20.03K shares were exchanged. As a result of the conversion of a pilot agreement into a full agreement, BSKZF stock price spiked.

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BSKZF has converted what agreement into full?

Bambuser is a software company that specializes in real-time, interactive video streaming. In addition to live video shopping, BSKZF’s primary product, Live Video Shopping, allows global e-commerce and retail businesses to host live shopping experiences on their websites, mobile apps, and social media accounts. BSKZF was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters in Stockholm.

  • A proof-of-concept agreement was signed between Bambuser and one of the world’s largest and most reputable home furnishing retailers on October 5, 2020.
  • BSKZF’s robust shoppable livestream platform will allow home furnishing retailers throughout the country to leverage all companies and divisions operating under the home furnishing retail brand following the successful activation.
  • Initial term of the master agreement is 12 months, beginning September 2021.
  • Each business unit and company must submit an individual insertion order, so it is not possible to estimate the order value in advance.

As part of the launch of its Live Video Shopping initiative, Vogue Scandinavia, the newest localized addition to the Vogue family of magazines, recently announced the launch of the magazine.

  • The BSKZF powered events will improve connections between the magazine and its audience, providing insight into its editorial and inspiration.
  • BSKZF will also be able to drive revenue for Vogue Scandinavia through merchandise sales and brand collaborations through the adoption of the increasingly popular format.
  • The partnership provides BSKZF with a chance to demonstrate the potential impact of live streaming for companies beyond retail.
  • In an industry which faces increasing challenges from the need to diversify revenue streams, the BSKZF format is poised to be a powerful tool to engage audiences in a fun and interactive way.

What did the CEO of Bambuser comment on?

With BSKZF partnering with this upcoming new Vogue magazine brand as they leverage Live Video Shopping to bring the publication to life in a unique way, BSKZF looks forward to working closely with this publication, Bambuser CEO Maryam Ghahremani stated. Also demonstrated here is how interactive live stream commerce can bring value to a variety of different business types, as well as BSKZF is certain that Vogue Scandinavia’s implementation will serve as a benchmark for further implementations.