BitTorrent (BTT) – The Decentralized P2P File Sharing


We download data, files, executables, games and all sort of things from the internet. This data is stored on a platform  which can be accessed by users from a website. But a new concept of p2p sharing came into existence which is increasingly getting more and more popular in recent days.

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What is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is a popular place which is an example of p2p sharing website. The concept is about the users sharing their own data with one another without a central place. Torrent  links the users with one another. Now recently the concept is taken a step even further and incorporated the blockchain into the concept.

BitTorrent was acquired by Tron in 2018. It has many new features that allow the leverage of a blockchain network. The native token is BTT which was launched on Tron by TRC-10 standards.

A major problem in the internet and real life content is how it is distributed. Expensive content can’t be  shared with one another. As a result people can’t obtain it. BitTorrent’s motive was to disrupt this whole operation and allow the users to obtain the content more easily. As a result BitTorrent is a notorious place for pirated content and has faced many legal battles regarding how it is operated.

BitTorrent Products

BitTorrent has a number of products that can be used such as BitTorrent Speed (for faster downloads and rewards), dlive (for live streaming), BitTorrent File System (decentralized storage system). BitTorrent also offers premium services for the people through which people can use VPN and have ad free browsing.

The Native Token BTT:

The native token of BitTorrent is BTT. It can be used to increase download speed and also can be earned through rewards.

At the time of writing BTT is being traded at the price of $0.003717. The price of BTT has increased by almost 2.10% in the past 24 hours. The daily trading volume has also increased by almost 79.23% in one day. BTT is listed on coinmarketcap at 60th spot according to market capital and has a market dominance of about 0.09%. BTT has achieved it all time high around the price of $0.013578 in April 2021. BTT has a total supply of 990B tokens and has a circulating supply of about 659.95B tokens. BTT can be traded at a lot of different exchanges such as Binance, OKEx, Huobi for stablecoins as well as for fiat as well.