Why Did The Phunware (PHUN) Stock Rise By 7% In Premarket Session?

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Phunware Inc. (PHUN) shares were up 6.28% in premarket session at $5.08 minutes before the start of regular trading on Thursday. Last session, shares of PHUN closed at $4.78, an increase of 9.89% or $0.43. Price fluctuation ranged between $4.51 and $5.65 during the trading session. PHUN has gained 568.53% in the past year, and it has gained 355.24% in the past week.

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The stock has gained 195.06% over the past six months, and by 338.53% over the last three months. On the day, 173.31 million PHUN shares were traded, more than the company’s daily volume for the previous 50 days of 27.02 million and more than its volume for the entire year, which is 12.9 million. The stock is up 279.37% for this year so far. A successful integration process led to an increase in PHUN stock price before market opening.

PHUN has completed what process?

The Multiscreen-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform developed by Phunware is a fully-integrated, award-winning enterprise cloud platform designed specifically for mobile users. Companies can use the PHUN platform to engage, manage, and monetize their mobile app portfolios and audiences at scale using products, solutions, data, and services.

A staggering one billion active devices are connected to PHUN’s platform every month when it is operated at scale, allowing the world’s most respected brands to create category-defining mobile experiences.

The Phunware Digital Front Door solution for healthcare now appears in the Epic App Orchard after successfully completing Epic’s comprehensive integration process, announced Phunware in a press release yesterday.

The MaaS Digital Front Door from PHUN enables hospital systems and clinicians to drive operational efficiency and maximize patient satisfaction while providing optimal care and contextually engaging their patients and visitors on mobile.

The Epic App Orchard marketplace now offers PHUN’s MaaS Digital Front Door, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Innovative map features enable patients and visitors to navigate healthcare facilities by viewing current location, searching for points of interest, receiving turn-by-turn directions, and sharing their location.
  • Medical directories assist users in finding healthcare professionals and departments, while advanced search and filtering capabilities improve relevance by narrowing down and filtering results.
  • Patient can access health records, schedule appointments, manage prescriptions, etc. seamlessly through the MyChart Code Module.
  • By using an easy to use Content Management System, healthcare providers can keep their patients and visitors up-to-date, share resources and inform them of upcoming events.
  • Mobile Engagement features, including geofence entry/exit messages, push notifications, and proximity beacon messages are pre-integrated into the product.

How will PHUN leverage the integration?

Epic, which controls more than 40% of all digital health record (EHR) market share, is a strategic integration partner for Phunware’s (PHUN) mobile health solution to further improve the continuum of care. With this partnership, PHUN’s healthcare solution can easily be licensed by Epic’s vast customer base, demystifying the patient experience and enabling digital transformation for more than 250 million patients with Epic-enabled records.