Has Aikido Pharma (AIKI) Stock Risen Pre-Hours Session For A Reason?

Aikido Pharma Inc. (AIKI) shares traded at $0.91 in pre-market at the time of this writing, up 4.61%. AIKI stock gained 2.29% to close the trading session on Thursday at $0.87. Trading volume for AIKI remained at 3.93 million shares, less than the average daily volume of 4.82 million shares for the past 50 days. Over the last year, AIKI shares have risen by 49.98%, and they have gained 3.82% this week.

The AIKI stock has lost -0.72% over the past three months, and -15.54% over the past six months. Currently, AIKI has a market capitalization of $76.32 million and 89.60 million outstanding shares. As AIKI’s stock price rises without any recent news, we can then refer to recent developments to gain a better understanding of the company.

What happened at AIKI recently?

AIkido Pharma was at first framed in 1967 and is a biotechnology Company with an assorted arrangement of small-molecule against cancer therapeutics. AIKI’s foundation comprises of protected innovation from driving institutions and specialists, and AIKI is right now during the time spent fostering an inventive restorative medication stage through solid organizations with incredibly famous instructive establishments, including The University of Texas at Austin and University of Maryland at Baltimore.

AIKI’s assorted pipeline of therapeutics incorporates treatments for pancreatic cancer and prostate disease. AIKI is continually looking to develop its pipeline to treat neglected clinical necessities in oncology. AIKI is likewise fostering an expansive range antiviral stage that may possibly hinder replication of numerous infections including Influenza infection, SARS-CoV (Covid), MERS-CoV, Ebolavirus and Marburg infection.

AIkido Pharma last month declared that it got a equity interest in Tevva Motors Ltd, an electric truck maker with range expanded vehicles out and about at this point.

  • Tevva Motors is a UK-based, driving engineer of particular electrification frameworks for medium obligation business vehicles.
  • Utilizing a framework designing methodology, Tevva has created elite electric vehicle innovation that holds fast to the most thorough of guidelines to guarantee wellbeing, unwavering quality and toughness.
  • Tevva’s center exclusive innovation are appropriate to practically any current 7.5t – 14t truck and is provided as a bundle to OEMs for integration with their vehicles.

What’s in it for AIKI?

The global delivery truck market is worth $100 billion, and the demand for a financially savvy, zero emission solution is constantly growing. Since Tevva has crucial partners and early clients such as Ryder, Hitachi, and UPS, and with Tevva vehicles previously utilized in their conveyance administrations, Tevva is extremely well positioned to benefit from this rapidly developing market. It offers AIKI an opportunity to participate in a rapidly expanding field, with a possibility of exit in mid-2022, depending on how Tevva reacts following a public offering, while AIkido Pharma (AIKI) focuses on its core business, which is drug improvement.