Zhongchao Inc. (ZCMD) stock declined in the premarket: Why is it so?

Shares of the Zhongchao Inc. (ZCMD) stock declined in the premarket following the recent news of its Patient Management System. ZCMD stock price saw a decline of 1.71% to drop at $1.67 a share at the time of this writing. The stock was also gloomy in the previous trading session and went down by 4.49% at closing.

Zhongchao Inc is the healthcare stock that is engaged in spreading healthcare information, education, and training services in China. The company follows both online and onsite business models for its educational services. The company was founded in 2012 and is based in Shanghai, China.

What’s Happening?

ZCMD stock today reported the contribution of its self-developed patient management system in the successful treatment of the patients. The stock reported that its patient management system improves the duration of therapy for liver cancer patients by 40.4%. Hence this system maximizes the efficiency of drugs and increases the patient survival term.

There is a coherent treatment process that ZCMD stock provides its patients via education, phone call follow-up, and intelligent tools to help patients in order to resist possible adverse reactions during the treatment.  The platform also provides counseling and drug usage reminders to the patients. Patients can also ask questions related to their treatment. This system not only provides treatment-related services but also tracks patients to ensure whether they follow the prescribed instructions or not.

Previous Developments of ZCMD stock:

ZCMD stock on September 17, 2021, announced the launch of Hematology MDT Platform, a clinical thinking training platform for hematology. Clinicians through this platform can learn multidisciplinary thinking skills online to improve diagnosis as well as treatment skills.

MDT is the medical service platform in which specialists from many disciplines talk about the cases of a certain disorder and share their opinions to derive optimal treatment plans for the patient. Experience physicians are necessary for the better organization and implementation of the MDT model due to its requirement of multidisciplinary collaboration.

ZCMD stock launched the Hematological Tumor Patient Care Center on September 10, 2021, via its subsidiary Shanghai Zhongxin Medical Technology Co., Ltd. ZCMD continuously improving the business ecology in tumor patient management system and expanding it to the out of hospital market.


The sentiment is negative for the ZCMD stock in the stock market despite the positive news regarding the Patient Management System. Zhongchao stock lost about 8% in the last six months however it gained 4.29% in the last thirty days.