What caused the rise of AmpliTech Group, Inc. (AMPG) stock to 4.97%?

AmpliTech Group, Inc. (AMPG) experienced an incline of 1.97% in the premarket. However, the last trading session concluded at $5.03 with an increase of 4.57%.

Initial Low Noise Semiconductor Designs for Production

On 2nd November 2021, AMPG announced that Texas MMIC Design Center (AGMDC) is now fully operational, with initial designs ready for wafer fabrication. These designs include AmpliTech’s industry-leading low noise figures into smaller packaging, allowing them to be used in a wider range of consumer applications. Moreover, LNA amplifiers, filters, and attenuators are among the new MMIC items in this first batch.

This phase is planned to be finished by the end of Q1 2022, with preliminary datasheets for all new products available by then. In addition, the company is in the process of patenting this cutting-edge MMIC technology, which will be used to progress their core competencies and capitalize on their recent entry into the LNB/LNBF market, helping clients to provide more consistent, reliable, and long-lasting services and solutions.

Expansion of Manufacturing Capacity and Operating Efficiency

On 29th October 2021, AMPG announced intentions to move its present production facilities and headquarters to a new, expanded 20,000-square-foot Long Island plant. AmpliTech has signed a seven-year lease for the property at 155 Plant Avenue in Hauppauge, New York. The new location more than doubles AmpliTech’s current 13,100 square foot size and brings the company’s design, engineering, sales, and marketing teams together under one roof for the first time, allowing for increased cooperation, operational efficiency, and significant potential for expansion.

Moreover, a state-of-the-art upgraded class 10K cleanroom will be included in this new facility to enable the manufacture of the Company’s space-grade goods. In the first quarter of 2022, AmpliTech anticipates being fully operational at its new manufacturing and headquarters facilities. Their objective has always been to combine two Long Island facilities into a single, purpose-built building that meets all of the demands. Last but not least, AMPG aims to gain a better customer experience, more cooperation across business groups, and better economies of scale there, as well as a larger footprint for both internal and external growth.

$1.2M in New Orders for Low Noise Amplifier Technology

AMPG reported on 28th October 2021 that Fortune 500 global military and aerospace corporation and defense aerospace, naval, and industrial aerospace industries supplier received $1.2 million in new orders for Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) technology. The orders are slated to deliver in calendar 2022, bringing AmpliTech’s order backlog to a new high of $3.4 million as of today. For the last four quarters, AmpliTech has made $3.5 million in revenue.

Moreover, AmpliTech’s LNA technology boosts a radio signal’s strength while removing the distortion or “noise” that may weaken or destroy digital data. The LNA technology improves satellite communications performance and capacity, and it might help next-generation 5G networks achieve genuine gigabit data transfer speeds at a lower cost. The strength of LNA technology is confirmed by the rising order backlog, which shows the early advantages of efforts. Lastly, the company is happy that solutions’ performance, quality, and return on investment are being recognized by increasing demand from worldwide leaders.