Lixte Biotechnology (LIXT) Sees Stock Boost Following Key European Collaboration

Shares of Lixte Biotechnology Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: LIXT) experienced a notable increase today, rising by 16.21% to $2.94. This surge follows the announcement of a pivotal collaboration in Europe.

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New Clinical Trial In Collaboration With Roche And NKI

Lixte Biotechnology (LIXT) has disclosed a new collaboration with Roche and the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) to initiate a clinical trial targeting metastatic colon cancer that is unresponsive to immune therapy (MSI Low). As outlined in the clinical trial registry (NCT06012734), Lixte Biotechnology will supply its leading compound, LB-100, while Roche will contribute atezolizumab (a PD-L1 inhibitor) and financial backing.

This innovative clinical trial is critical as it addresses the challenge that only 15% of colon cancers, specifically MSI High cancers, respond to immunotherapy. The remaining 85% are MSI Low, where immunotherapy is typically ineffective. The collaboration aims to determine if LB-100 can sensitize these resistant tumors to immunotherapy, potentially offering a new treatment option for a substantial group of colon cancer patients.

Industry Support And Scientific Validation

The pharmaceutical industry’s continued interest in sponsoring Lixte Biotechnology’s clinical trials and collaborating with it is evidence of the promise and scientific validity of LB-100. This is the second recent experiment that combines immunotherapy with LB-100, and it is entirely funded by a big pharma business. A GSK-funded clinical trial to investigate LB-100’s potential for treating clear cell ovarian cancer began earlier this year.

As a comprehensive cancer facility, the Netherlands Cancer Institute is well-known around the world. René Bernards, Ph.D., a senior staff scientist at NKI and an authority in molecular carcinogenesis, sits on the board of directors of LIXTE.

Pre-Clinical Data And Future Prospects

According to recent pre-clinical studies that were published in the journal EMBO Reports, LB-100 has the ability to change immunologically “cold” cancers into “hot” ones, which would improve the tumors’ response to immunotherapy. This discovery expands upon a wealth of scholarly literature and recent clinical data demonstrating LB-100 and checkpoint immunotherapy’s synergistic effects.