YUM Brands (YUM) Stock Stable On Wednesday, KFConsole Is Another Move Towards Growth

The YUM! Brands Inc. (YUM)-owned chain of fast food restaurants KFC plans to introduce an original game console with a packaged chicken heating compartment.

The concept of a game console with a hot food compartment, called a KFConsole, can become an efficient KFC image solution. It will be a relatively small but very powerful gaming device, according to preliminary data, that supports virtual reality (VR) and 4K format games. Other specifications of the upcoming computer are also already known: the Intel Nuc9 Extreme base, a powerful Asus graphics card and Seagate’s terabyte SSD.

A cabinet in which users can place chicken parts to keep them warm when playing would be the main feature of KFConsole. The box would use a heating system to remove the supply of hot air to the food heating compartment from the video card and processor. The price of the game console is not yet clear, but the product is expected to be premium, because only the base Intel Nuc9 Extreme costs $1700.

Most KFC restaurants focused on takeaway and distribution during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the organization recruited several thousand additional workers to fulfill the increasing volume of orders on time. Once the restrictions are abolished, as competition increases, KFC will face certain revenue declines. It can be expected that the KFC game console update will become part of the YUM! Yeah plan, competing brands for the return of customers after the pandemic. The foodservice chain is updating its menu, exploring new preferences, and strengthening customer service quality as part of increasing competition.

Yum! Brands, Inc. (YUM) to $106.41 was up 0.55 percent on Wednesday raising its market capitalization to $32.38 billion. The stock price is though down -2.78% over the week but is stable at 0.52% over the past month while it has added 4.35% over the past year.