Coherent (COHR) gets acquired for $5.7 billion

California-based Lumentum Holding is in talks to buy Coherent, the Santa Clara-based firm that has been making lasers and various other scientific products for over 56 years. The combination of the two companies is going to put a dent in rivals as their product portfolio ranges from laser eye surgery to semi-conductor manufacturing.

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Lumentum plans to acquire Coherent. Inc. in cash and stock deal value at $5.7billion. Under the terms of the deal, Lumentum will pay $100 in cash of common stock for each Coherent share. The deal is expected to boost earnings in the first year after closing and will generate upwards of more than $150 million in annual synergy sales.

Lumentum has not been coming slowly at all. Over 3 years ago, Lumentum gained Oclaro for $1.8B in cash and stock. Oclaro, a leader in optical components and materials for large data center markets. A definitive agreement deal was signed with Oclaro stockholder receiving $5.60, keeping in mind Lumentum stock was $68.98 on March 9th, 2018.

Lumentum is exploding and has 90% of revenue generated from its optical communication division, which sells optical chips to literally everyone. Lumentum’s biggest customer is none other than Apple, which uses Lumentum’s optical chips into its iPhone’s 3D sensors. Another major customer of Lumentum optical chips is Huawei. Both Apple and Huawei amounted to 39% of Lumentum sales.

Before the pandemic, Lumentum’s total business grew 7% which by many analyst’s claim was the slowest growth by the company in four years. As the pandemic hits. Laser business dwindled as demand for fiber lasers decreased, which slowed the sale of enterprise optical chips rather than the higher 3d sensor chips.

With over 24 subsidiaries under its umbrella, Lumentum is becoming a corporation. In less than 6 years it has gained veterans in the optical chips market.