Senseonics Holdings Inc (SENS) Strikes A New Coverage Deal

Senseonics recently struck a deal with one of the country’s largest non-profit health plans. EmblemHealth said it would provide coverage to SenseonicsEversense CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) system effectively. This elaborate move allows Senseonics access to over 2.9 million EmblemHealth users in NYC, NJ, and Connecticut.

Senseonics appreciated the deal provided by EmblemHealth and were pleased that Evensense is now a key standard to be used by diabetic patients to manage their insulin. Improved glucose control is a key to having a healthy life and preferable outcome for many healthcare providers.

SenseonicsEversense system helps diabetic patients track their glucose levels. It uses a specialized sensor that is inserted in the upper arm. A smart device integrates with the sensor which transmits data to the mobile app that records and tests each patient’s glucose values and alerts. In addition, to be the first long-term and implantable sensor, the CGM will become a system that provides its patients with discreet body alerts. Eversense patients now have the freedom to make treatment based on their readings, which will help healthcare workers take necessary action.

Senseonics Holdings is a biotech firm that focuses on the design and development of glucose monitoring solutions designed to help patients suffering from diabetes. The data is transmitted automatically with an interval of 5 mins and send to the patient’s smartphone.