Digital Turbine Inc. (APPS) – Focusing On The Big Picture Is A Key To Success

A new acquisition by Digital Turbine (APPS) will considerably further increase the Digital Turbin’s mobile advertising market abilities. Over the past 12 months, APPS shares have appreciated by 2070 %, trading at $ 85.29 on March 23. At the moment, the chart has formed a double top, which is a sign of a possible correction or purchase opportunity.

Fyber NV, which provides mobile content monetization tools, has been valued at $ 600 million worth of shares. Digital Turbine has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire 95% of its shares. Fyber NV provides video content monetization, digital ad monetization, video analytics, and real-time ad rate regulation through its platform. There are 650 million unique monthly active users on the platform in more than 180 countries.

Digital Turbine’s developments can easily be incorporated into the smartphone as a service model. Further, the integrated ecosystem is close to being a total solution for monetizing mobile applications, settling together marketing campaigns, promoting mobile brands, etc.

Digital Turbine (APPS), a marketing technology company, is expanding its portfolio in this sector. APPS previously obtained AdColony, a mobile advertising company, for $ 375 million. Digital Turbine’s position will be strengthened in the mobile and CTV markets with a turnover of more than $ 200 billion with the closing of both mergers and acquisitions scheduled for the end of the second quarter of this year.

Over the past year, APPS stock has performed well. As the stock increases in value over the past year, it has surged 1621.55%, while the stock has gone up by more than 128.50% over the past six months. The APPS total return over three months is currently 25.68% and -10.35% in the last month. The performance for the week currently stands at -11.08%.