Investing in HON Stock: Honeywell International Inc. (HON) Exhibits Clear Momentum

The past year for Honeywell International Inc. (NHON), a leading American industrial company, was challenging due to several production chains being disrupted and pending orders being cancelled. Nonetheless, HON continues to retrace its steps after rallying on the expectations that the current year will be much more successful.

On Monday morning, Honeywell International Inc.’s stock soared $0.35 during the trading session to end at $218.88 per unit. As of the last trading, the company’s debt-to-equity ratio is 1.28. The stock’s 52-week low price has moved to $117.11, with the HON share now at $219.00 for its 52-week high. Over the last seven days, the stock’s performance has been 3.18%, slightly higher than its performance year to date of 2.91%. It has increased by 8.17% over the past month and 4.46% over the past three months. This stock’s performance measures 35.54% over the last six months and 66.7% for the 52 weeks.

The Honeywell International Inc. (NHON) CEO said the company could exceed investor expectations in 2021 when he spoke at the JP Morgan Industrial conference. The company targets $33.4 billion – $ 34.4 billion, translating to an organic growth rate of 1 – 4%. Earnings are expected to range between $7.6 and $8 per share – an increase of 7 to 13%.

2020 was a lousy year for Honeywell’s aviation business, with its profits down 82 %. Commercial aviation, which has mainly been grounded due to the COVID-19 crisis, receives a third of its sales. Despite this, the defence division and the private civil aviation division were relatively unaffected. Furthermore, due to the 2019 and 2020 global warming scenarios, the number of private jet flights has increased. Such aircraft have two unique advantages: flying at an altitude higher than that of airliners (reducing flight time and increasing safety) and a salon with pressure close to atmospheric (more comfortable and safe for health). Business aviation is likely to recover pretty rapidly and give Honeywell a lot of new business.

The climate and energy buildings segment, which provides Honeywell with approximately $1 billion in revenue, or about a third of the aerospace segment’s revenue, has more uncertainty than the aerospace segment. According to optimists, building efficiency will continue to increase, and it will accelerate sharply by 2022–2023.

Honeywell International Inc. (NHON) next significant section, materials and particular substances and technologies (catalysts, reagents for oil-producing, etc.), are far from promising. Global economic activity will resume as usual as the economy recovers.