Hyliion Holdings Inc. (HYLN) stock rises in the current market trading. Here’s to know why?

Hyliion Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: HYLN) stock gains by 5.16% in the current market trading after HYLN announced the formation of Hypertruck Innovation Council. By being a leading supplier of electrified powertrain solutions, Hyliion Holdings’ goal is to reduce the carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emissions of Class 8 commercial trucks. Hyliion uses the latest software algorithms and data analytics to provide fleets with a simple, effective framework for lowering fuel and operating costs while combining with their current fleet operations.

What is happening?

On April 7, 2021, HYLN announced that the Hypertruck Innovation Council which is a select group of the fleet, logistics, and transportation industry leaders, was established today to actively support the advancement of Hyliion’s Hypertruck powertrain solution. The Council will work closely with Hyliion to provide key customer feedback in the production of the Hypertruck, HYLN’s electric powertrain for Class 8 commercial trucks which will provide high results, reducing emissions, and lower operating costs. The Council represents over 100,000 Class 8 commercial trucks globally.

Members of the council will be the first to get their hands on the Hypertruck ERX demonstration units and put real-world miles on them, offering useful fleet and driver reviews. The Council shares Hyliion’s emphasis on reducing carbon emissions without compromising efficiency, with the aim of advancing sustainable practices in the commercial trucking industry.


The CEO and Founder of Hyliion Thomas Healy said that the customers of HYLN are the lifeblood of their business. The input and cooperation HYLN’s customers put in are vital to the success of our Hybrid approach, which has already logged millions of miles in the real world. That’s why they’ve assembled the Hypertruck Innovation Council which is a community of commercial transportation industry leaders who will be the first to test and evaluate Hypertruck ERX demonstration units, and whose input will be critical as they develop their technology.

As Hyliion creates the next generation of industry-leading, environmentally friendly technology, and powertrain solutions, the Council will assist HYLN in ensuring that the diverse and special demands of today’s fleets are reflected in their goods.