Nano Dimension Inc. (NNDM) stock rises in the after-hour trading. Why is it so?

Nano Dimension Inc. (NNDM) stock plunged by 6.14% at the last trading close whereas the NNDM stock rises by 4.22% in the after-hours trading session. Nano Dimension is a manufacturer of intelligent machines for the production of Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME). Autonomous intelligent drones, vehicles, satellites, smartphones, and in vivo medical devices all depend on high-fidelity active electronic and electromechanical subassemblies.

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Recent Development

On April 8 NNDM announced that Hanan Gino has been appointed as Chief Product Officer as well as the Head of Strategic M&A. He has vast expertise in PCB inspection and imaging systems and solutions, Data Analytics, Cyber, Intelligence, and Robotics. He has also been responsible for sales, customer support, marketing, product development (R&D), manufacturing, and mergers and acquisitions. In addition to this Mr. Hanan has 15 years of corporate and officer experience in management teams of $560 million and $1.1 billion dollar firms. His past achievements also include extensive experience integrating acquired businesses through several geographies and organizational cultures. On top of everything, 30 new and innovative products were successfully introduced across multiple market segments by him.

On April 7,

NNDM made it official that Zivi Nedivi has been appointed as president of Nano Dimension. Yoav Stern, the CEO of Nano Dimension, will be appointed Chairman of the Board, subject to shareholder approval at a future meeting, as previously announced. Mr. Nedivi has led a number of technology firms, including Cyalume Technologies Inc., a global leader in chemical-lighting solutions that produces chemiluminescent ammunition and infrared sensors for use by US and NATO military forces and also law enforcement agencies.


Yoav Stern said Mr. Nedivi has been appointed as our new President and they are very optimistic about it. He has considerable international experience managing and increasing creative technology businesses, as well as strong mergers and acquisitions expertise. Yoav stern recommended to the board of directors that Mr. Nedivi should be approved to become president of Nano Dimension because of his work increasing Kellstrom Industries and turning around Lumenis Ltd. Medical& Esthetic Laser industry.