Socket Mobile Inc. (SCKT) stock rises in the after-hour trading. Here’s what you should know?

Socket Mobile Inc. (SCKT) stock surged by 6.31% at the last trading close while the SCKT stock gains by 9.99% at the last check in the after-hour trading. Socket Mobile is a leading provider of data collection and distribution tools for workforce mobilization that improve productivity. Third-party barcode activated smartphone apps that incorporate Socket Mobile’s cordless barcode scanners and contactless readers/writers account for the majority of Socket Mobile’s sales.

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The highlight

SCKT revealed on April 14 that its first-quarter financial results for 2021 would be released at market close on Thursday, April 22, 2021. This definitely is a very significant event for Socket Mobile as it will give an idea about the future progress of SCKT and therefore the investors would be keenly looking forward to see what these financial results hold.

Recent Past Development

On April 6, 2021, SCKT revealed their new v1.50 firmware release for the D600 NFC reader. The D600 can read NFC messages and cards written by a cell phone, including QR code alternatives, while attached to an iPad, tablet, or PC. Both NFC tag forms and message formats are supported by the D600, making the transition from screen-based QR codes to NFC-based tap-and-go solutions easier. When user authentication is requested, such as boarding passes and passports, tap-and-go helps you to skip the extra step of checking personal IDs, which is perfect for increasing throughput. Until being sent to the reader for authentication, NFC tag data may be linked to a person’s identity.

Both SCKT products, including the D600 and S550 desktop NFC readers, are supported by mobile apps written with Capture SDK. Developers will now switch from QR code reading to a blend of QR code and/or NFC tag reading owing to this broad assistance. The same message (encoded in a QR Code) can be read using a Socket Mobile 2D barcode scanner by apps configured to read NFC Forum tag messages with the D600. This encourages developers to concentrate on the capabilities and functionality of their software rather than worrying about platform compatibility.


The S550 desktop NFC scanner, in addition to the D600, will support smartphone passes such as Apple VAS and Google SmartTap, making it simpler than ever for companies to take advantage of Mobile Wallet opportunities. SKCT continues to create new and creative technologies for its developer network, allowing them to quickly launch NFC tags and other data collection solutions.