Zomedica Inc. (ZOM) stock gains in the pre-market trading. What’s driving it high?

Zomedica Inc. (ZOM) stock rose by 9.8% at the last trading close whereas the ZOM stock price is still rising by 9.01% in the pre-market trading at the last check. Zomedica, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a veterinary medicine organization that focuses on the unmet needs of practicing veterinarians to create products for dogs and cats. Innovative diagnostics and medical instruments will be among Zomedica’s product offerings, with a focus on patient and practice wellbeing. Zomedica’s goal is to help veterinarians improve efficiency and income by providing quality treatment for the animals under their care.

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Recent Past Development

Zomedica revealed on April 15, 2021, that it would increase its direct sales operation while phasing out its distributor-based sales activities.

Robert Cohen the Chief Executive Officer of Zomedica, said:

ZOM planned to move from a distributor-based business model to a direct sales company as TRUFORMA’s market reach expanded. ZOM would, however, accelerate the transformation and the formation of a direct distribution company due to expected improvements at their current distributor, which they feel has harmed its ability to sell ZOM’s goods effectively. Although this initiative may delay initial TRUFORMA sales, but ZOM is taking it now to prevent any inconvenience to their consumers and to create a better base on which to promote and sell TRUFORMA and any other Zomedica products produced or acquired.

Brük Herbst, Chief Commercial Officer of Zomedica, commented:

That he witnessed the importance and influence of a direct sales company while he was working as Head of Sales & Marketing at IDEXX. Therefore he believes that in the long run, having a direct sales team would greatly boost their ability to satisfy their clients and distribute their goods in the veterinary industry. He added that they lucky at Zomedica to have the financial strength to enable this move, and ZOM is looking forward to developing a strong sales team to match TRUFORMA’s outstanding output.