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Quantum Corp. (QMCO) stock declines in the after-hour session. What’s happening?

Quantum Corp. (NASDAQ: QMCO) stock surged by 1.54% at the last trading close whereas the QMCO stock price declines by 3.85% in the after-hours trading session. There is no recent news hitting the media related to this change in QMCO share price. Customers use quantum technologies and resources to record, develop, and distribute digital information while both preserving and protecting it for decades. Quantum’s systems offer the fastest output for high-resolution imagery, images, and industrial IoT, with applications designed for any step of the data lifecycle.

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Recent development

Brian Cabrera has entered QMCO’s corporate leadership team as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, announced on April 20, 2021. Cabrera has considerable legal and regulatory expertise as a former Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) in the Criminal Division of the Northern California federal prosecutor’s office and as a senior computer technology leader at NVIDIA and other software firms.

Cabrera joins Quantum with more than 25 years of legal experience. He was Senior Vice President and General Counsel for NVIDIA, a pioneer in semiconductors for imaging, autonomous vehicles, and artificial intelligence, prior to his nomination as AUSA. Cabrera helped NVIDIA expand from a $15 billion market cap to over $100 billion during his time there. He was in charge of a 150-person global team that dealt with legal, enforcement, cyber-terrorism, physical security, and government and regulatory issues. Prior to joining NVIDIA, Cabrera worked at Synopsys, Inc., Callidus Applications, PeopleSoft, Inc., Netscape Communications, and Silicon Graphics, where he held numerous legal positions.

Official Statements

Jamie Lerner, President, and CEO of Quantum said that, as Quantum continues the transformation to software-defined systems for storing and handling video and unstructured data, Brian’s vast legal expertise in the software and technology field will be valuable.

Whereas Brian Cabrera shared his views upon this by saying that, he is thrilled to be joining Jamie and the rest of the Quantum executive leadership team as they seek to develop leading networks for the broad and rising video and unstructured data markets. Also, he showed his excitement to be a part of QMCO’s potential growth and progress.

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