Lantern Pharma (NASDAQ: LTRN) Stock Is Rising In Premarket Today- What’s Driving It Higher?

Lantern Pharma (NASDAQ: LTRN), a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focusing in accelerating the development of precision oncology therapeutics using its RADR Artificial intelligence platform and machine learning, announced that RADR has surpassed 4.6 billion datapoints. Over the past year, data points had a 16-fold increase. Furthermore, considerable enhancement was seen in the functionality of the drug development program.

At last check , shares of Lantern Pharma Inc. (LTRN) were up 8.26% at $16.25.  LTRN’s stock lost -5.06% to close Friday’s session at $15.01. Shares of the company fluctuated between $14.61 and $16.00 throughout the day.  LTRN’s shares have dropped by -9.31% in the last five days, while they have lost -17.25% in the last month.

About Lantern Pharma

Lantern has filed two additional patent applications for their RADR platform to enhance Company’s position in using A.I for cancer drug development and covering several drug classes. LTRN’s patent applications are directed to using machine learning to predict gene signatures linked with pharmaceutical agents. The company is focusing heavily on Machine learning functionality methods and will file patent on both as core technologies which will be used in its pipeline of potential drug candidates.

LTRN is presently developing four drug candidates as well as an ADC program focusing on seven disclosed tumour targets, inclusive of two phase 2 programs. Patients consisting of a genomic profile which identifies them as having the highest probability of benefiting from the drug, are targeted, with Lantern’s approach depicting potential to deliver the best outcomes.

The focus on increasing the number of datapoints, as well as improving the performance and accuracy of the algorithms, is expected to yield more targeted indications for LTRN’s present pipeline of drug candidates. The AI platform may assist in showing additional compounds and therapies that can potentially be in-licensed and developed in a more effective, and targeted manner.

RADR  is an effective platform and can provide distinctive competency as well as competitive advantage for development for cancer-related drugs. Furthermore, the RADR powered insights are expected to speed up development and uncover new opportunities for personalized treatments.


Lantern has combined the remunerative field of Biopharmaceuticals with Machine learning and Artificial intelligence. Data points exceeding 4.6B has peaked investor interest with the company accelerating its development through machine learning and emphasizing on patented technology.