Celldex Therapeutics Inc. (CLDX) Announces Successful Results of Phase 1b Skin-Disorder Drug

Celldex Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: CLDX) announced the results of a clinical trial of its drug that is intended to treat dermatological conditions.

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This week, Celldex Therapeutics released new data from a Phase Ib clinical trial of CDX-0159, which targets two dermatological disorders called urticaria. CDX-0159 has shown complete response to therapy in 18 out of 19 patients who received an initial full dose, the company reported.


A patient in the group had a “pronounced partial response”. The trials have shown that patients with cold urticaria (a reaction to cold temperatures) experience a response time of 77 days or more. It was found that patients who presented with symptomatic dermographism (urticaria triggered by light skin scratching) had an average response time of 57 days or more.

The company also reported that CDX-0159 was well tolerated by patients enrolled in the study. However, more clinical trials will be necessary to provide complete safety and efficacy data. The data that are already available have been positively assessed by experts. Especially the German clinic Charite – University of Medicine described the results of CDX-0159 as “overwhelming” at an early stage, representing “a major breakthrough for patients with severe urticaria” for whom modern treatments are ineffective.

Celldex Therapeutics is planning to add new clinical trials to its candidate this year and is examining its efficacy for prurigo nodosum (chronic inflammatory skin disease).

Celldex Therapeutics Inc. (CLDX) share price closed at $44.60, with a gain of 9.66% on July 13. The market capitalization of the company reached $1.69 billion.