Beam Global Inc. (BEEM) Will Install EV ARC Charging Network in Racine, Wisconsin

Beam Global Inc. (NASDAQ: BEEM), a developer of green charging for electric vehicles, has received a contract for an EV ARC charging network in Racine, Wisconsin.

EV ARC charging stations for electric cars are one of Beam Global’s core products. These units are mobile, which allows them to be moved between parking lots, households, and public events.

The installation is equipped with solar panels that deliver more than 4 kW, as well as a battery that provides slightly over 24 kW*h. In addition to offering protection from direct sunlight and precipitation, the charging station’s roof also serves as a shady spot. Installation of the EV ARC is simple, requires no utility connections, circuit upgrades, or utility bills, and provides significant long-term savings for the budget of the city.

As an example, the Florida Sheriffs Association partnered with Beam Global Inc. (BEEM) to install charging stations that work during power outages and floods. Earlier, the administration made an order for the supply of charging stations of the city of Santa Clara in California. Racine, Wisconsin, will be the new customer of BEEM.

With the EV ARC system, installed in Racine, electric vehicles can be powered day and night, no matter what weather conditions there may be, and during power outages. The emergency power panel option is provided as part of the portable, but permanent, unit to be used by emergency personnel during power outages or where there is no mains connection.

Increasing numbers of electric vehicles in American cities are driving Beam Global’s growth. By using the company’s solutions, you can quickly set up the infrastructure required and at the same time save significant amounts of money from the city budget.

The share of BEEM was worth $28.28 at the close of trading on August 24. With the recent price change, the company’s market cap reached $252.82 million.