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NewAge Inc. (NBEV) Stock on the Rise Following Latest NONI Product Discovery

NewAge Inc. (NBEV) stock prices were down by 0.71% as of the market closing on October 6th 2021. This brought the price per share up to USD$1.40 at the end of the trading day. Subsequent premarket fluctuations have seen the stock surge by 3.57%, bringing it up to USD$1.45.

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NBEV Stock’s Discovery

October 7th 2021 saw NBEV stock announce the discovery and isolation of the mechanism of action to block spike proteins from binding to cells in the human body. The company believes the discovery to prove to be a major significant. It is hoped to allow the leveraging of the science behind its own portfolio, facilitating partnerships with other medical, research, or pharma companies and health systems. These collaborations enable the benefits of the discovery to grow to become more accessible for global consumers.

Scope of Discovery

NBEV stock is confident that its discovery will prove to be a breakthrough science in the quest for better healthcare and the strengthening of people’s immune systems. To supplement this, the company reported its findings in a paper that has been posted at the Center for Open Science. The abstract, titled Anti-viral properties of Morinda citrifolia (NONI) fruit juice, was also presented during the 29th International Conference of the Functional Food Center. The presentation took place during the Functional Foods and Coronavirus Disease session of the 29th ICFFC.

Backed by Experts

This development is significant because of the academic peer-review required to verify the soundness of the scientific research behind the company’s developments. The conference was attended by experts in medicine and biology and industry to discuss the usage of bioactive compounds for immune support and health.

NBEV Stock Builds on Success

The company has more than 200 patients, cooperative research studies, and peer-reviewed papers on its NONI products. Its newest discovery adds to the body of existing research while bringing the company’s insights into the benefits for consumers to an important new level. NBEV stock has reported being able to measure the ability of NONI and its major phytonutrients to block the binding of the spike proteins to cellular membranes.

Future Outlook for NBEV Stock

The company reported a strong quarter, consolidated by its latest developmental discovery. NBEV stock is poised to capitalize on the opportunities afforded to it as a result of its newest discoveries. Current and potential investors are hopeful that management will be able to effectively leverage the resources at their disposal. This is hoped to usher in consistent and organic growth in shareholder value over the long term.

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