Greenpro Capital Corp. (GRNQ) Stock Continues Rising as Partnerships with Link Capital and ATM Online Develop

Greenpro Capital Corp. (GRNQ) stock prices were up by 17.13% as of the market closing on October 16th, 2021. This brought the price per share up to USD$0.89. Subsequent pre-market fluctuations have seen the stock rise by 1.81%, bringing it up to USD$0.91.

GRNQ Stock’s Partnerships

GRNQ stock announced its intent to invest in two STO projects that have been approved by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority, which is based in the Philippines. The investments will be made on the CryptoSX platform and will fulfill the company’s Pre-STO Investment Program, which was announced earlier in June 2021. This program was designed to drive transformational businesses to build world-class blockchain-enabled companies. The development will see both companies benefitting from GRNQ stock’s multi-disciplinary team, which brings its extensive experience to the table. This experience ranges from investing, portfolio management, and capital markets to operations in the blockchain.

Link Capital Group

The first company being invested in was Link Capital Group, which is led by Denny Chong. Mr. Chong was previously an investment banker and is currently a social entrepreneur from Singapore. The company has garnered strong support from the Singapore government, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Lao PDR, and Temasek Polytechnic. This support is meant to foster the development of a Center of Excellence in Singapore for the research, development, processing, and distribution of Agarwood products in the global market. Agarwood is used extensively in incense, perfume, medicine, and boasts a global market of USD$15 billion. Currently, only 30% of this demand is being met by existing supply on account of the scarcity of Agarwood.

ATM Online Partnership

The second company the GRNQ stock is investing in is ATM online, which is a consumer credit platform that is based in Vietnam and facilitates the rapid expansion of its services in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and ASEAN countries. The company is a leading contender in the digital finance space, having developed its own data modeling and scoring based on artificial intelligence algorithms. These algorithms help the company predict customers’ repayment behavior to facilitate and enhance risk management. The company boasts more than 500,000 registered users and 85,000 successful loan grants since 2017.

Future Outlook for GRNQ Stock

With the world hurtling towards the digital age of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, GRNQ stock is expanding its reach to usher in unprecedented growth. The company is poised to capitalize on the opportunities afforded to it as a result of its recent partnerships. Current and potential investors are hopeful that management will be able to leverage the resources at their disposal. This is hoped to facilitate significant and sustained increases in shareholder value.