AXIE INFINITY – Blockchain based Game


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The Gaming Industry

Gaming Industry has been the part of our lives. Before the blockchain…or in fact lets rewind back even more. Let’s go to the time when internet wasn’t there, physical games were there. Computers got invented and digital games came; Mario, Sonic took holds and we spent our entire childhood playing them. Grand Theft Auto came and took over once again. At the same time, running parallel to these developments in the gaming industry was the internet. A connection of networks that allowed the people to share data with one another form any part of the world. Soon it took over gaming and multiplayer gaming came to existence (quite a revolution I should say). Now it has been taken a step further and blockchain has been introduced to the gaming industry and the most notable of those game is AXIE Infinity.

What is AXIE Infinity

It is a blockchain game where players battle and trade. Similar to other card based games, players collect different characters (known as AXIES) and use them for different purposes such as raise, breed or battle among themselves. These AXIES have different classes that sorts them out into common, rare or very unique. Depending on their attributes, stats, or even physical appearance, this sorting is done.

These AXIES are used as NFTs that can be used in battles and leveled up by winning points through battles.

The Native Token AXS

The native token of AXIE Infinity is AXS AXIE Infinity Shard. It is used as a governance token. A the time of writing AXS is being traded at the price of $128.44 with an increase of almost 7.63% in the past 24 hours. It is listed on coinmarketcap at 24th spot according to market cap and holds a dominance of about 0.31%. It has created its all time high around the price of $157.144 this month. It has a total circulating supply of about 270M AXS.

Axie Infinity has surely brought a lot of changes to the gaming industry and it can be expected for it to grown even more.