Diginex Limited (EQOS) stock is high in the aftermarket – Reasons to know!

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Diginex Limited (EQOS) experienced an incline of 8.15% in the aftermarket. However, the last trading session closed at $3.56 with a decline of 5.57%.

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Marketing and Communications Executive

On 20th October 2021, EQOS announced that the company has recruited five top marketing and communications executives to the workforce. EQONEX Group has hired Adam Dance, Kristen Kaus, Jan Van Decraen, Robert Watkins, and Gillian De Brondeau to help them grow the company in key target regions. EQONEX is a one-of-a-kind crypto exchange. Moreover, it does not establish markets on its own platform, which basically implies that consumers are traded against by the platform on which they are trading. For a short time, the exchange also provides its own native token, EQO, of which only 21 million will ever be produced. EQO offers daily staking incentives, as well as regular airdrops, and may be purchased or gained through trade. Lastly, these special EQO holder perks lower trading expenses, making EQONEX a very profitable cryptocurrency exchange.

Launch of Cross Collateral trading

EQOS announced the launch of Cross Collateral trading to improve capital efficiency on 30th August 2021. Traders may now utilize US dollars (USD), USD Coin (USDC), and Bitcoin (BTC) as margins for derivatives trading. In addition, EQONEX plans to increase the assets that may be utilized as margin, including EQO.

The debut of Cross Collateral is a watershed moment for EQONEX, as it delivers more trading tools that skilled traders need to trade crypto portfolios in all market circumstances. Moreover, Cross Collateral allows all clients to finance their Total Account Margin with numerous assets rather than just USD or USDC. This eliminates the need to transfer assets into US dollars or US dollars equivalents before starting a margined position. Lastly, traders may now produce negative USD or USDC balances to manage trading fees, basis payments, and P&L without having to liquidate any open Cross Collateral holdings.

Launch of EQONEX

On 17h August 2021, EQOS reported that they have launched the company’s institutional crypto lending platform. Not only this but its first crypto loan to a European crypto native institution has also been completed. EQONEX Lending offers a market-leading level of security and transparency, with the potential to change the institutional crypto lending environment. Moreover, its strategy varies from several other crypto lending transactions, which are presently conducted over-the-counter (OTC) with no accountability over rates. Institutional lenders and borrowers may now connect directly via a loan market, thanks to the new strategy. Last but not least, the open order book allows exchange participants to see current market rates and creates market-competitive terms for collateralized transactions, delivering much-needed pricing transparency to the market.