Flow – A Developer Friendly Blockchain

Developers want a blockchain that is easy to develop on. Decentralized Applications are made and then connected with the blockchains through the help of smart contracts that are part of the blockchain. Flow is a blockchain that aims to become a friendly blockchain for the developers. It is a layer one blockchain that has been developed by the team that have created some of the most projects such as NBA shot, crytpokitties.

Flow has garnered the attention of some of the most famous game developers such as Ubisoft, NBA, UFC. Flow has also attracted a number of other important organizations and companies such as Circle, Warner Music, OpenSea.

How is Flow different?

  • Flow is a blockchain that can be scaled to allow different kind of dApps to be built on the platform. This removes the need for sharding.
  • The smart contracts on Flow are written on Cadence. It is quite an easy programmable language for crypto and dApps.
  • With payment onramps it is easy to convert fiat into crypto.

Dapper Labs

Dapper Labs was created back in 2018 and they are the original creators of Flow. It allows the fans to connect with different brands and hence brings them a step closer. This allows the fans and users to ultimately hold a respectable part in the community. A number of notable investors include Google Ventures, Samsung, Reddit, Coinbase.

Native Token (Flow)

The native token of Flow network is also known as Flow. At the time of writing Flow is being traded at the price of $13.35. The price has increased by almost 3.05% in the past 24 hours. The trading volume has also increased by almost 12.86% in a day. Flow is listed on 44th spot on coinmarketcap and has a dominance of 0.16%.

Long Term Investment

In the long run people are quite hopeful about the Flow. They think that it is going to attract even more audience that is going to make it even more mainstream.

But according to the wallet investor, in a four year plan, Flow is supposed to drop down to a price of $4.94 which is quite less than the price that Flow has right now. As opposed to the general mindset of the investors and retailers this is quite an opposite perspective and this calls for Flow to be not a good investment. But people are hopeful that Flow will achieve new heights in the near future.