Sonim Technologies, Inc. (SONM) stock inclined to 113.17% in premarket – What’s making it rise?

Sonim Technologies, Inc. (SONM) surged to 113.37% in the premarket. However, the last trading session closed at $1.87 with a decline of 6.03%.

Waterproof Headsets and RSMs

On 9th September 2021, SONM launched Klein waterproof headsets and RSMs. Over the last year, Sonim and Klein have made it their mission to solve the three most common customer objections to tough audio accessories: cost, waterproofing, and warranty. Through top mobile carriers and distributors throughout the world, the firms now provide the cheapest, waterproof headsets and RSMs with an industry-leading three-year full guarantee. Device failure is a serious issue that affects company operations and raises the overall total cost of ownership. SONM’s 3-year guarantee underscores its commitment to robust performance standards. This gives the clients peace of mind when they rely on the SONM and Klein integrated solution for crucial communications in their operations.

Partnership with 4k Solutions

SONM announced on 10th July 2021 about new cooperation with 4K Solutions to offer its next-generation Mobile Broadband Kit – Elite (MBK-Elite). It is developed particularly to complement the Sonim XP8 ultra-rugged Android device. Even in the most dangerous and distant mission-critical situations, the MBK-Elite is an all-in-one, particularly mobile system that gives emergency and public safety personnel reliable access, and connectivity.

The MBK-Elite is human-portable and can be immediately implemented without considerable training or IT knowledge. SonimWare, a complete suite of software tools, apps, and utilities designed to manage and optimize the mobile environment for optimal productivity, safety, and support, is included with the package, which includes four Sonim XP8 phones. Airbus, Cobham, CradlePoint, Cubic, Iridium, Kymeta, Paradigm, Silvus Technology, Tampa Microwave, and Thales are among the top producers of cellular, networking, routing, and switching technologies. Lastly, the company is happy to partner with 4K Solutions to provide a comprehensive critical communications solution that can be customized to each customer’s specific needs.

 RT80 Rugged Tablet

On 30th June 2021, SONM announced the release of the RT80 fully-rugged tablet. This is intended primarily for commercial, field technicians, and public safety professionals in harsh work conditions. The RT80 has an 8-inch screen that is glove-friendly and sunlight-viewable, and a high-capacity battery for multi-shift use. Moreover, the RT80 rugged tablet is a wonderful complement to the newly released RS80 and RS60 SmartScanners, giving clients more alternatives to fulfill their industrial workflow demands.

The RT80’s purpose-built sturdy construction can deliver a lower total cost of ownership than consumer tablets, which have higher downtime owing to their inability to endure the demands of many professional situations. Furthermore, the Sonim RT80 is a completely robust Android computer operating system with a big screen, a compact and tiny ultra-portable, and outstanding battery life at a low price. The RT80’s programmable buttons and apps allow organizations to personalize the device to their workflow.