How Is The MySize (MYSZ) Stock Rising In The Current Session?

At last check, the share of the developer and creator of innovative measurement solutions MySize Inc. (MYSZ) was up 84.48% at $2.14 on the charts today. MYSZ closed at $1.16 on Monday. Shares were traded as high as 134.69 million, which is lesser than the average volume of 142.69K over the last three months. The MYSZ stock traded between $1.05 and $1.20 during the session.

MYSZ had a -0.85 earnings-per-share ratio. During the past five sessions, MYSZ stock lost -9.38% of its value and moved -17.14% over the past month. Year-to-date, however, it has lost -17.73%. The 50-day moving average of $1.2860 for MYSZ stock is above the 200-day moving average of $1.3071. The stock is currently trading at an RSI of 83.97. MYSZ stock shot up after it won a contract in Turkey.

Which contract has been awarded to MYSZ?

MySize has fostered an extraordinary measurement innovation dependent on complex calculations and state of the art innovation with expansive applications, including clothing, online business, DIY, transportation, and bundle conveyance ventures. This proprietary measurement innovation is driven by a few algorithms that can compute and record estimations in an assortment of novel ways.

MySize today reported that it has been granted an agreement from Dockers (Turkey), an American clothing and accessories brand from Levi Strauss and Co.

  • Following an extended time of demonstrated accomplishment with Levi Strauss Turkey (Levi’s Turkey), Dockers (Turkey) has chosen to incorporate MYSZ’s restrictive AI-driven innovative measurement solution.
  • The fruitful incorporation of the MySizeID gadget has decreased return rates for an auxiliary of the world’s worldwide forerunner in pants wear.
  • Dockers has seen firsthand how MYSZ has empowered Levi’s Turkey to decrease return rates by up to 47%, saving the organization on the expensive converse coordination.
  • Becoming acquainted with its clients better and diminishing the problem, time, and cost of product returns, while turning out to be more economical, are on the whole purposes behind incorporating MYSZ into Dockers’ contributions.
  • Showing a solid Return On Investment (ROI), MYSZ is ready for development inside Dockers group of brands and geologies.

How MYSZ prevailed to get the agreement?

MYSZ’s effective mix and results with Levi’s Turkey has driven it to this extra chance. MYSZ’s land and expand strategy of at first working with a piece of a bigger organization and afterward having the option to enter extra brands and geologies inside that organization will empower MYSZ to speed up its income development in a much faster time span. MySize (MYSZ) will keep working with Levi’s and Dockers in further developing their change rates and bringing down their return rates, bringing about a superior client experience and cost investment funds.