What Is Driving The Mawson Infrastructure (MIGI) Stock Higher Today?


In current market trade, Mawson Infrastructure Group Inc. (MIGI) has advanced 8.24% to $11.03 on Monday. In the previous session, MIGI shares closed at $10.19. In terms of price range, MIGI shares were trading between $9.57 and $10.19. MIGI stock traded 0.13 million shares, which was above its daily average of 40400.0 shares over the past 100 days. Over the last five days, MIGI shares have risen by 8.64%, while they have gained 1.90% over the last month. MIGI stock is soaring after the company’s first product was approved for listing in Australia.

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What MIGI product has been listed?

Mawson Infrastructure is a computerized framework supplier, with enhanced activities across Cryptocurrency Mining and Digital Asset Management. Settled in Sydney, Australia and working in the USA and Australia, MIGI’s main goal is to construct an extension between the quickly arising advanced resource industry and conventional capital business sectors, with a solid spotlight on investor returns. MIGI matches energy foundation with next-generation mobile data center solutions, empowering the multiplication of blockchain innovation.

Mawson Infrastructure reported the posting of its first item by its Cosmos Asset Management business on the Chi-X stock trade in Australia, under the code ‘DIGA.CXA’.

  • The Cosmos Global Digital Miners Access ETF (DIGA.CXA) is intended to give the investment returns, before charges and different expenses, which tracks the presentation of the Global Digital Miners Index.
  • The index is overseen by Standard and Poor’s.
  • MIGI’s DIGA.CXA is intended to give admittance to worldwide pioneers recorded on public trades with an attention on digital money resource mining and framework.
  • MIGI is pleased to give Australian investors simple admittance to this space given the business’ developing worldwide allure, without them holding direct values in various wards or attempt to hold digital forms of money straightforwardly.
  • MIGI accepts this is a huge turn of events and achievement for the Australian supports the executives business, giving more noteworthy freedoms, adaptability, and admittance to this developing industry.

In partnership with Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners, MIGI recently announced the launch of Australia’s first 100% renewable energy site in October 2021. In Australia, Quinbrook and MIGI have formed a partnership to build the initial 20MW site. This initial site enables MIGI to begin operations in Australia.

What is MIGI’s plan for the facility?

In this facility, Mackin Infrastructure (MIGI) will deploy a new generation of Modular Data Centers (MDCs) that will be designed specifically for Australian conditions, adding approximately 0.4 EH to global operations. In addition to the initial 20MW project, MIGI and Quin Brook plan to jointly develop additional renewable energy assets throughout Quinbrook’s portfolio in Australia and the US in the near future.