SECRET (SCRT) coin has done 782% in October

At the time of writing SCRT stands at a price of $8.90 with a decrease of 4.97% in a single day. SCRT has been one of the most bearish coins in the top 100. Higher time frames like most of the coins, SCRT has had an amazing run and showed an increase of almost 782.44% in a month. SCRT had achieved its all-time high at a price of almost $21.63 in October 2021. SCRT on coinmarketcap is listed at 90th rank. It has a market dominance of about 0.05%. The daily trading volume is around $19,597,539 with a decrease of 3.15% in the last 24 hours. The maximum supply is around 190M while the circulating supply is around 149M SCRT.

Technical Analysis SECRET (SCRT)

As always let’s start with the higher time frames and see how the price is reacting.¬† SCRT has had an amazing run in the past month. During the month of August, the price dropped down really hard. During the month of September, the price was really slow to gain momentum and we could only saw an increase of about 6.22%. But in October the price rallied and we saw an increase of about 782%. SCRT achieved its all-time high and reached a price of $21.63.

Now the weekly time frame and the daily time frame aren’t giving out much information about the price so we are going to drop to the lower time frame and see how the price is reacting.

In the 4H time frame, we can see that the price got rejected by the daily order block and as a result quickly dropped down. We can expect that the price of SCRT can drop down even further from here to the point to grab liquidity from the lower side. If the price holds the trend line then we can expect a possible bounce from that zone.

Long Term Price Prediction – SECRET (SCRT)

According to this coin is a good investment in virtual currencies with a good returns. Seeing the price of SCRT at the moment, they believe that that the value might increase from $8.90 to $12.19 in a single year. With a 5-year investment plan, the price of SCRT is expected to reach a value of $24.383. But traders think that this is estimation is very small and in the future, SCRT will be of much more value.