What Caused The OLB Stock To Skyrocket In Early Trades Today?

At the time of our last check, shares of The OLB Group Inc. (OLB) were trading up 78.00% at $8.17. Yesterday, OLB stock closed at $4.59. Shares of OLB fluctuated between $4.51 and $4.70. There were 24.2 million shares exchanged, exceeding the company’s 50-day daily volume of 1.4 million and its year-to-date volume of 0.6 million.

OLB stock has gained 24.07% over the past 12 months, and it has gained 3.26% over the past week. OLB’s stock has decreased by -21.67% over the last three months, and has lost -2.55% over the last six months. For the year so far, OLB’s stock has returned -7.09 percent. Crypto currency moves have led to an increase in OLB stock.

What is OLB’s crypto-related move?

The OLB Group is an enhanced Fintech eCommerce trader administrations supplier and Bitcoin crypto mining endeavor. OLB’s eCommerce platform conveys cloud-based shipper administrations for an extensive digital commerce answer for more than 9,500 dealers in each of the 50 U.S. states. DMint, an entirely possessed auxiliary of OLB, is occupied with the mining of Bitcoin using sustainable natural gas with an underlying organization of productive 1,000 ASIC-based S19j Pro 96T mining PCs projected by end of 2021.

The OLB Group declared that it is prepared to handle Mastercard Bitcoin payments right away. Traders using OLB’s OmniSoft business the board stage and the organization’s SecurePay Payment Gateway Platform can enact Mastercard digital currency exchange handling whenever.

The SecurePay Payment Gateway Platform is a Mastercard SDP program. OLB’s foundation upholds the handling of various digital forms of money including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, and DAI across all merchant platforms. The gateway gives conventional credit and debit card handling, advanced wallet administrations like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and crypto business capacities including change to fiat monetary forms, just as start to finish cryptographic money exchanges.

Omnisoft retail location (POS) choices for on the web, mobile, and in-store utilize offer direct exchange support with cryptocurrency wallets like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Crypto.com, and Trust Wallets. The OmniSoft platform offers dealers a basic means to design payment choices to meet the special necessities of their business and client socioeconomics.

What drove OLB to that?

The recent announcement from Mastercard that it is supporting cryptocurrency should accelerate public acceptance of Bitcoin and other currencies for conducting everyday business. OLB has enabled crypto commerce throughout its OmniSoft and SecurePay portfolio which enables merchants to offer a broad choice of payment options that match customer’s expectations.