What you need to know about Ankr coin

The current atmosphere of the crypto-market is akin to the Californian gold rush in the mid-1850s when thousands of prospectors and their families migrated to the west to strike big. Crypto-market is similar as numerous amounts of cryptocurrencies, each with their own flavor, tries to “strike at gold”. The selling point is the revolutionary potential of crypto-currency. Ankr is one of those that believes in this revolution.

Ankr calls the revolution that is to come as Web3 and they want to be the forerunners. They want to a system where there are no intermediaries or boundaries that are hampering people from trying to make seamless and secure transactions. The team of Ankr consists of 16 persons experienced in major corporations such as Amazon, Aws, Goldman-Sacchs and more, headed by Chandler Song.

What is it? It is a cloud storage and cloud computing service provider that is similar to Apples iCloud. The shared sources mechanism employed by Ankr makes it cheaper and faster than normal cloud services. Ankr has been a traditional service provider since 2018, deploying complete nodes and validator nodes on behalf of users and networks, as well as providing hosting, public RPCs, APIs, and staking services.

The thing that makes Ankr great is its vast ecosystem. Currently, it has launched more than 25,000 node end-points to 75,000 developers and handled more than $1 billion in crypto transactions weekly. It serves more than 50 blockchains and L2 solutions. The company has tried its hand in experimenting with proof-of-concept with cryptocurrencies such as Fantom and Polygon where it was able to accomplish more than 20 billion RPC calls per week and might make 80 billion in a month!

Current Price Movement

At the time of writing of this article, the value of Ankr is $0.1378. There has been a sturdy increase in its value over the past five days, since it launched Ankr 2, a decentralized web service (DWS) portal for Web3 development that allows builders to conveniently create multi-chain systems, products, and services. It launched back in 2019 and since then it has made quite the strides, this is even more impressive considering it does not even have a whitepaper to show the public. There are to be 10 billion Ankr in circulation with a current volume of trading at $1,369,803,424. This is quite the volume. But when the volume to market cap is examined, it is 0.902.