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uCloudlink Group Inc. (UCL) stock is going higher in aftermarket – What’s the reason?

uCloudlink Group Inc. (UCL) saw a push of 7.94% in the aftermarket. However, the last trading session closed at $2.77 with a decline of 6.42%.

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New Possibilities of HyperConn Technology

On 1st November 2021, UCL announced that Guangzhou Juan Intelligent Tech Joint Stock Co., Ltd. has signed a new collaboration agreement. uCloudlink and JUAN will collaborate to build data connectivity services for key technologies as part of their relationship. Moreover, HyperConnTM technology would be a universal solution that would enable fail-safe data communication in all scenarios as a new technical innovation. The technology is a development of uCloudlink’s CloudSIM technology, and it employs a number of uCloudlink patents to provide users with a more dependable data connection at any time and in any location, as well as a variety of application situations.

The HyperConnTM technology solution would ensure that network connections were always dependable, secure, and speedy. It continually scans all available networks for 4G and 5G mobile broadband and fixed broadband coverage. In addition, when users move around, utilize their connections differently, or if network performance drops, the HyperConnTM technology solution dynamically changes to the better-performing network. Furthermore, the seamless data connection capabilities of the HyperConnTM technology solution enable full use of improved networks and will be highly flexible to a variety of application situations. Lastly, HyperConnTM technology will be ready to apply to a variety of new businesses that demand high-quality data communication when it debuts at MWC Barcelona 2021 in June of this year.

Introduction of Mini Turbo

UCL announced the introduction of Mini Turbo on 21st October 2021. It is a tiny, lightweight portable 4G Wi-Fi hotspot with HyperConnTM Lite, a Qualcomm processor, and a 2.4-inch touch display that visualizes device status and makes it easy for users to access all of Mini Turbo’s remarkable capabilities. As companies moved from offices to homes and educational institutions increased their emphasis on online teaching, the pandemic triggered a shift in distant lifestyles for employees and students all over the world.

As a result of this trend, more individuals are opting to study and work from home or on the go. Because the mobile lifestyle is here to stay, having access to the Internet that is not constrained by geography or time is more crucial than ever. Hence, the company found it better to introduce mobile internet solutions for its clients.

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