Why is PetVivo Holdings, Inc. (PETV) stock jumping high in aftermarket?

PetVivo Holdings, Inc. (PETV) experienced an increase of 11.61% in the aftermarket. However, the last trading session closed at $3.53 with an incline of 6.01%.

Branding and Advertising Agency

PETV announced on 27th October 2021 that Kick has been appointed as the company’s advertising agency for a variety of marketing services. For PetVivo, Kick will be in charge of brand strategy, advertising, internet, and social media, experiential marketing, and design. Moreover, the Kick team is unrivaled in the horse and animal industries when it comes to marketing capabilities, and unwavering in its dedication to engaging audiences with actionable content.

Kick consults with Fortune 500 organizations on a national and international level and has worked with over twenty-five pet brands as well as multibillion-dollar medical equipment firms, so teaming with PetVivo is a natural fit. With wide strengths in strategy, branding, marketing, advertising, and digital media, the company is uniquely prepared to deliver new, integrated solutions. PETV is excited to work with Kick to write the next chapter in PetVivo’s evolution into a premier producer of therapeutic veterinary devices that improve companion animal lives.

Senior Technical Veterinarian

On 5th October 2021, PTEV reported that the company has appointed Joe Manning as the Senior Technical Veterinarian. Dr. Manning has more than 30 years of veterinary experience in the Animal Health Industry. In addition, he has also served in numerous capacities as a practicing veterinarian and as a significant contributor to the development and marketing of therapeutic veterinary products. With firms including Merck Animal Health, Animal Health International, Vetoquinol-USA, and Dechra Veterinary Products, he has held positions in product development, regulatory guidance, technical sales, marketing, and supply chain management. Last but not least, he has also worked in both local and foreign product development and commercialization responsibilities.

Director of Manufacturing

PETV has announced on 8th September 2021 that Josh Wilhelm has happily joined the company as the Director of Manufacturing. The company is extremely lucky to have found Josh because he is a manufacturing specialist with a lot of experience in cGMP production, process engineering, and quality management systems. Not only this, but Josh has already attracted two skilled manufacturing veterans to PetVivo who are actively working with Josh to create the ground-breaking product, spryngTM for retail purposes.

Mr. Wilhelm was the Director of Islet Manufacturing and Research and Development at the Schulze Diabetes Institute (“SDI”), where he oversaw the “Isolation Core’s” islet isolation and research. Moreover, he oversaw all cGMP production, process engineering, and quality systems of SDI as Director of Manufacturing. Lastly, he also took on the post of lead supervisor for human clinical islet production at SDI, where he oversaw the team’s clinical and pre-clinical operations and undertook research aimed at bettering islet isolation yields and islet graft function.