Bitcoin (BTC) to create new ATH?

Price Movement – BTC:

BTC, a project of Satoshi Nakamoto, the one that started all the frenzy around blockchain.

At the time of writing, BTC is being traded at the price of $65,643. The price of BTC has decreased by almost 5.74% in the past 24 hours. The daily trading volume has also increased by almost 32.77% in one day. BTC is listed on coinmarketcap at 1st spot according to market capital (all hail the king) and has a market dominance of about 43.46%.

BTC has achieved it all-time high around the price of $64,895 in April 2021. During the crash, the price of Btc touched a bottom of $28,600 during the month of June 2021. After this, the price showed reversal and went to achieve a new all-time high around the price of $67,0616.

BTC has a total supply of 21M coins and has a circulating supply of about 18.8M tokens. BTC can be traded at a lot of different exchanges such as Binance, OKEx, Huobi with different trading pairs.

Technical Analysis Bitcoin (BTC)

BTC has once again moved to get above its previous all-time high. On the higher time frames, the price is bullish for the movement of the coin. We can expect Btc to once again tag the price of all-time high.

As a result bitcoin dominance is going to rise and the money is going to flow from the alt coins into BTC. This way we can expect the alts coins to bleed a little.

$68k is the zone which should be eyed. If the price gets stable, we can expect Btc to move even more higher and achieve a new high. If the Btc rejects from that zone, we can consider it a deviation and the price may drop down to the lower order block. But overall the price is very bullish in nature and no signs of weakness is being shown by the movement of Bitcoin (Btc). It would be euphoric if Btc tags the level of $70k by this rally.

Long Term Prediction – BTC

The price of Bitcoin is so much high that talking about long term predictions sounds absurd. Many people are thinking that the bull market will end at the price of $75k and some are on the other extreme thinking that it would achieve a price of $150k. Time will tell who was right.