Native Token of (CRO)

The crypto market is booming. Some see it as an opportunity for making money. Others see it as the future of the world. Regardless of what vision is shaping the perspective of these individuals, the cryptocurrencies are coming out one after another and a platform has to be made for seamless exchange of these coins. Binance is the most popular of these. One might think that Binance is the only place to trade these coins. But there are alternatives to this exchange present as well. The one that we are going to focus on is and its utility coin, coin, or CRO. is a community that is trying to build a community for the future of the internet, the Web3. Their belief is that through cryptocurrency, Web3 will be a fairer and more equitable network, that is going to be in ownership of builders, creators, and users. Through this, everyone is going to have more control over their money, data and identity.

The first step they have undertaken in order to achieve their goals is to expand its ecosystems and make it easier for developers to join their exchange. Furthermore, has also launched its coin, CRO that has been designed to accelerate the acceptability of cryptocurrencies as a payment method. The CRO coin has been built on the Ethereum blockchain. It has been audited by Certik on 2018/11/09, the purpose of which is to determine whether verified smart contracts are secure enough o avoid potential exploitable loopholes.

Recent developments also include announcing a $100 million ad campaign and getting on board the Hollywood star, Matt Damon as their brand ambassador. He can be seen in the promotional video on their front page. Moreover, has also donated about a million dollars to the charitable cause of, a non-profit initiative focused on providing clean and safe water for consumption. Although philanthropic efforts may apparently seem to help people, they also have the purpose of engaging the millennial population that admires these kinds of efforts.

Price Movement CRO

Although Coinbase is its direct competitor, it has listed, as its aggressive strategy, CRO as a tradable token. This has given it a boom and over the past week, its value has been consistently increasing. At the time of writing this article, the value of the CRO coin is $0.409 with the lowest value over the past twenty-four hours equaling $0.3433. It had a trading volume of $1.4 billion on 11/06, but this has come down a lot over the past three days, so the coin might come down, depending on how its bullish run wagers.