Unus Sed Leo and What to know about it (LEO)

Unus Sed Leo is developed by iFinex Inc., a privately-held financial technology company that is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands that operates virtual currency trading platforms under the business name of Bitfinix. LEO, the utility token of Unus Sed Leo, is available for use on iFinex trading platforms.

Without discussing iFinex, it is impossible to discuss Unus Sed Leo. iFinex began its operations in 2012 of crypto exchanges. It has established its name within the circles of cryptocurrency. The aim of the company has always been to promote the use of crypto-currencies. They want to make an environment which promotes innovation and progress within society. Alongside recognizing the need for the development of innovation, iFinex also admits to the adoption of cryptocurrency with the development of cryptocurrency equally as important. They maintain that this could be best done with the adoption of cryptocurrency being easily exchanged with fiat currencies in a legally controlled manner.

The name of Unus Sed Leo itself is derived from the Latin citation from one of Aesop’s fable, “The Sow and the Lioness”. The fable gives the moral story of quality over quantity and similarly, iFinex tries to embody this motto. And with this blazing passion for prioritizing strength through independence, iFinex has tried to reduce the use of third-party solutions and managing their operations on their self-made infrastructure. Furthermore, in order to provide a better kind of infrastructure to their customers, iFinex has also provided a more efficient KYC/AML/CTF sanctions process, built as a standalone platform that can be reused across multiple projects, a good easy-to-understand ticketing/customer support center and advanced reporting tool. The token itself is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Current Price Movement – Unus Sed Leo (LEO)

At the time when this article is being put down into words, the value of LEO was $3.23 with a trading volume of $3,168,262. There isn’t a max cap on the maximum supply of the token. Currently, there are 953.95 million LEO coins in circulation out of the total supply of 985.24 million LEO coins. The coin has had a generally great performance the previous year. Even when the market crashed in May, the coin displayed bearish momentum although it did fall soon after. In the previous month, the general performance of the coin has been fine with the lowest value being $2.66 back in mid-October and the highest being $3.96 just a few days earlier. The prospects of the coin look bright as it has been audited by Certik and has been rated as secured and Digital Coin Price predicting its value at $5.54 in 2022.