Altair Engineering Inc. (ALTR) stock surged during after-hours, despite any current update.

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Altair Engineering Inc. (NASDAQ: ALTR) stock gained by 1.02% at last close. Altair is a multinational technology business that specializes in simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), and artificial intelligence software and cloud solutions (AI).

ALTR stock’ Recent Development

Altair stated that Argonne National Laboratory will use Altair PBS Professional throughout the organization’s HPC systems, such as the Polaris and Aurora supercomputers, at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF). The goal is to expedite scientific and engineering achievements and to usher in the age of exascale computing. At Argonne National Laboratory, the ALCF is a US Department of Energy user facility.

The default workload management system and task manager will be PBS Professional, which will substitute the ALCF’s Cobalt workload manager. It will enable researchers to conduct a variety of workloads, involving machine learning and data-intensive applications, as well as classic simulations, more quickly and efficiently.

With Polaris serving as a cutting-edge testing ground for Aurora, which is expected to be the quickest exascale computing system in the United States and able to undertake a quintillion calculations per second, it’s crucial to avoid downtime, which could put research groups countless hours behind the timeline. PBS Professional, which is supported by Altair’s global team of HPC experts, will optimize and handle thousands of node hours at the same time, allowing ALCF researchers to produce faster, more effective scientific discoveries.

Bill Allcock, manager of ALCF’s advanced integration group, said that,

When it came to replacing their in-house Cobalt scheduler with task management, they looked at a lot of choices. They discovered an open and well-established process for receiving contributions with Altair and PBS Professional, as well as a long-term roadmap that is very similar to theirs. PBS Professional from Altair will aid compute-intensive research campaigns operating on their next-generation supercomputers.


The ALCF served over 100 million node hours of computation time in 2020 only. The ALCF’s objective to accelerate the scientific study of the world’s most important concerns, such as cancer therapies, clean energy, particle collision studies, and more, is supported by PBS Professional’s multi-dimensional task orchestration skills.