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Why is Ensysce Biosciences, Inc. (ENSC) stock driving high?

Ensysce Biosciences, Inc. (ENSC) has seen an incline of 0.9% in aftermarket. However, the last trading session closed at $4.43 with a decrease of 10.87%.

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Clinical Trial Progress of New Class of Opioids – All About it

ENSC announced on 30th November 2021 that the Company’s second trial of its Trypsin Activated Abuse Protected (TAAP) Opioid, PF614, has completed a satisfactory safety evaluation and enrolled the last cohort of individuals at the highest dosage level. PF614 is a trypsin-activated, delayed-onset oxycodone prodrug (TAAP). The active component of Ensysce’s opioid products, such as PF614, is rendered inactive by the TAAP chemical modification. This provides abuse-deterrent, resistance to manipulation, and resistance to other types of recreational drug misuse, as well as a high level of pain alleviation for people in severe pain. The purpose of this study is to increase knowledge of how PF614 compares to already available commercial products by building on the safety and pharmacokinetic outcomes of the first Phase 1 study.

So what?

The findings of the experiments have been encouraging. ENSC is on track to bring lead ‘next generation’ opioids medicines to market. Moreover, the company is devoted to establishing novel platforms to combat prescription drug addiction and overdose since Ensysce’s beginnings, and they’ve made significant progress.

While the company has achieved great progress to date via a rigorous approach to the company, the team realizes they need of using innovative technology to solve the opioid issue. Lastly, this research is a critical step toward the aim of introducing a unique pipeline of medications to the industry so that prescribers and patients have safer alternatives.

Appointment of Chief Development Officer – What’s New?

ENSC reported on 26th October 2021 that Linda Pestano has been appointed as the Chief Development Officer. Throughout her career, Dr. Pestano has guided the development of innovative treatments to enhance patient outcomes and quality of life. Moreover, Dr. Pestano earned her Ph.D. from Tuffs University and completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Harvard Medical School’s Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Her early study was groundbreaking since it focused on T-cell immunoregulation, which is crucial in today’s cancer immunotherapies. Furthermore, Dr. Pestano has played a key role in advancing innovative medicines into clinical trials, including small compounds, nucleic acids, and biologicals. Dr. Pestano’s experience includes leadership development, pre-clinical and translational investigations, and dealing with a variety of regulatory organizations. Lastly, Dr. Pestano brings 20 years of expertise producing vaccines, medicines, and new biologics for a variety of purposes to Ensysce.

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