Procter and Gamble (PG) Stock is Inclining After Market, Here’s What you Should Know.

Procter and Gamble (PG) company was founded in 1837. It is an international company with presence all over the world. The company functions in multiple sections. The five main sections include Helath care, beauty, grooming, fabric and home care and baby, feminine and family care. Some of the internationally well-known brands of Procter and Gamble include Head & Shoulders and Pantene (hair care), Olay and Safeguard (skin and Personal care) Tide and Ariel (fabric care), Gillette (grooming) Pampers (baby care), Always (feminine care) and Oral-B (oral care).

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The price of PG stock ended the regular trading session of December 16, 2021 at $161.11 with a slight gain of 1.42%. At last check in the after market session, the stock was up by 0.17%.

Events and Happenings

On December 16, 2021, PG announced the finalists of the Innovation Challenge for 2021. Qualifiers will represent their innovative ideas to an expert jury at CES which is one of the most influential tech event of the world in January 2022. The qualifiers will get a chance to win a hefty amount of $10,000 and the chance to work with Procter and Gamble for their product development.

On December 14, 2021, PG brought a sense of relief to the people of Kentucky along with Tide loads of hope laundry services. Kentucky is currently affected by a tornado outbreak. On December 8, 2021 PG skin care brand Olay, reported the unveiling of gesture of appreciation for frontline COVID-19 healthcare employees. Olay had bestowed $1.9 million worth of brand’s products to healthcare workers from Singapore health department. 

On December 06, 2021, PG brand Always had partnered with the YMCA to give 1,500 girls access to sports activities under the banner of Always Sports Grant. On December 2, 2021, PG Health sector reported the inauguration of the ‘First Iron Deficiency Diagnosis and Counselling Guide’ at Iron Deficiency Day 2021. The guide will be used by the pharmacists as aid in counseling the patients on Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA). On November 04, 2021 PG international brand OLAY announced about its prototype, the Easy Open Lid, which is made for disabled people.

Key Financials

On October 19, 2021, PG announced first quarter fiscal year 2022 financial highlights ended September 30, 2021. Some of the important highlights are

Net Earnings per Share

Basic earning per share was reported to be $1.66 for Q1 2022 versus the $1.69 for the same period prior year. Diluted earnings were $1.61 for Q1 2022 against $1.63 for the same period prior year which showed a decline of 1%.

Total Current Assets

Total current assets of the company for Q1 2022 fiscal were $24 million.


P&G Group is one of the largest revenue generator and philanthropist of the industry. The company showed 9.5% increase in stock price from the last month mainly due to the several pipeline collaborations of its brands. The investors are confident that the company has the potential to skyrocket.