Why is Bellerophon Therapeutics, Inc. (BLPH) stock going down?

Bellerophon Therapeutics, Inc. (BLPH) has seen a decrease of 12.23% in aftermarket. However, the last trading session closed at $3.19 with an increase of 34.6%.

Phase 2 Acute Dose Escalation Study of INOpulse -More About it

On 17th December 2021, BLPH reported the favorable top-line findings from a recently completed Phase 2 dosage escalation trial (PULSE-PHPF-002) testing the acute hemodynamic benefit of INOpulse for the diagnosis of respiratory hypertension associated with sarcoidosis via right heart catheterization (PH-Sarc). Moreover, the median survival time after developing pulmonary hypertension due to sarcoidosis is about five years. The company is encouraged by the positive changes observed in numerous hemodynamic parameters in patients with sarcoidosis-related pulmonary hypertension who were handled with long-term oxygen therapy and then keenly treated with INOpulse.

Furthermore, even at the higher iNO dosages, these clinically important reductions in PVR began at the iNO45 level and were well tolerated, with no clinically relevant decrease in pulmonary capillary wedge pressure or other hemodynamic measures. Last but not least, the findings suggest that iNO might be used to treat PH-Sarc patients who are in desperate need of safe and effective treatments.

So what?

The good top-line findings from the proof-of-concept research make the team very happy. Based on these findings, Bellerophon is consulting with its steering group, which includes numerous pulmonary disease specialists, to determine future steps for the program, including the creation of a multi-dose Phase 2b research to investigate the long-term effect of iNO in PH-Sarc patients.

Moreover, the company is excited to keep working on PH-Sarc, a rare condition with high morbidity and death and no licensed treatments. In the next year, Bellerophon will continue to give updates on its clinical efforts, including the REBUILD project, which is now in Phase 3 for fibrotic interstitial lung disease.

Third Quarter 2021 Results – What’s up?

BLPH announced third quarter 2021 results on 15th November 2021. The company recorded an operating loss of $4.8 million and a net loss of $4.6 million. Not only this but the research and development costs came out to be $3 million as compared to $6.1 million for the same period in 2020. The drop was mostly due to the termination of operations connected to the development of INOpulse, a COVID-19 therapy. Lastly, the general and administrative costs were $1.8 million, compared to $2.2 million for the same period in 2020. The reduction was mostly due to lower consultancy and stock-based compensation expenses.