What’s influencing the NeuBase Therapeutics, Inc. (NBSE) stock to fall in premarket?

NeuBase Therapeutics, Inc. (NBSE) has experienced a decrease of 8.01% in the premarket on 22nd December 2021. However, the last trading session closed at $2.87 with an increase of 1.06%.

Appointment of Sam Backenroth – Worth it?

On 5th October 2021, NBSE announced that the company has appointed Sam Backenroth. Mr. Backenroth is a seasoned corporate finance executive who has built and financed both private and public biotechnology companies. VBL established U.S. offices in New York as part of the appointment, and Mr. Backenroth will be in charge of overseeing the company’s future finance and business growth programs to help the company’s expansion ambitions.

What’s Next?

The company is thrilled to welcome Sam to the VBL senior leadership team and to extend the US operations. Sam has a history of success in corporate finance, strategy, operations, and company growth. As the company approaches a new age of innovation and expansion for VBL as a premier global biotechnology business, his leadership and strong investor and banking contacts will be vital.

Appointment of Anthony Rossomando

On 14th September 2021, NBSE announced that the company has appointed Anthony Rossomando as the Chief Technology Officer. Dr. Rossomando has so 25 years of experience as a pharmaceutical and biotechnology drug developer, successfully launching led teams from start-up to global pharmaceutical manufacturers in the advancement of biologics and peptide molecules, such as RNAi/siRNA, to progress multiple programs into clinical trials and monetization in several therapeutic categories, such as neuroscience, rare diseases, and oncology.

Dr. Rossomando will be in charge of the development of manufacturing development, as well as quantitative and physicochemical evaluation in support of FDA regulatory filings, at NeuBase. Last but not the least, Dr. Rossomando was previously Chief Process Development Officer at Pinetree Therapeutics, where he led early-stage input and output process design for oncology bi-specific antibodies.