Is Sekur (SWISF) Stock Price Up This Past Session?

Sekur Private Data Ltd [SWISF] stock was booming at the previous close as it surged 4.47% to $0.2601 after closing a private placement. Sekur (SWISF) stock recorded a Volume of 506.09K against the 30-day Average Volume of 165.04K shares.

Which arrangement does SWISF have shut?

Sekur (SWISF) as of late reported that it has now refreshed the last sum the shut a private position, referenced on April 21, 2022, news, in how much CA$ 812,554.75 (US$ 639,806).

  • SWISF sold a sum of 2,321,585 Units for gross returns prior to banking and wiring expenses of CA$ 812,554.75 (US$ 639,806) in value funding as Units.
  • Every Unit comprises one normal offer (an “Offer”) evaluated at CA$0.35 per offer, and one offer buys a full warrant (a “Warrant”).
  • Each Full Warrant will qualify the holder to buy a Common offer at a cost of CA$0.70 per share for a two-year term (the “Warrant Term”).
  • The contribution is currently shut down and is being recorded with the administrative specialists.
  • The returns of the support will be allotted to keep on speeding up the showcasing of the Company’s Sekur encoded email and informing answer for the US market, for the advertising and send-off of the Company’s SekurMail App being sent off in Q2 2022, and for general purposes.
  • Going with its arrangements, Sekur has likewise restarted its show and preparing a program for its merchant in Colombia, Panama, Peru, and Mexico.
  • The merchant, Tasloko S.L. (“Micronet”), has consented to an arrangement with Sekur back in May 2020, notwithstanding, the COVID-19 harm in Spain and all of Latin and Central America, have forestalled the activities from to begin.

How SWISF will push forward?

Tasloko S.L. is a Spain-based organization with activities and merchants in Spain, Colombia, Panama, Peru, Mexico, and Guatemala, adding up to the north of 2,000 affiliates. Sekur (SWISF) can begin the cycle to begin deals with Sekur by June 2022. The primary country to begin deals will be Colombia, trailed by Panama, Peru, Chile, and Mexico.