Why Has The NeoVolta (NEOV) Stock Price Gained 12% In Last Session?

NeoVolta Inc (NEOV) closed the last session at $6.74 after seeing a rise of 12.15% which brought its market cap to $148.13M. Shares of the manufacturer of Smart Energy Storage Solutions surged after its product succeeded to be listed as the most affordable one. The pink sheets company has 21.98M shares outstanding vs 3.50M float.

Which NEOV item gained the appreciation?

NeoVolta (NEOV) declared that its NV14 energy capacity framework has been recorded as one of the most affordable solar batteries in the U.S. in EnergySage’s most recent semiannual Solar Marketplace Intel Report.

  • The report investigated a huge number of information focuses produced by statements shipped off U.S. property holders shopping on EnergySage.com in 2021 for sunlight-based chargers and capacity frameworks.
  • NEOV’s NV14 cost each kilowatt-hour was lower than 20 other recorded brands in the report, taking down a few high-profile brands like Sonnen, Enphase Energy, LG Energy Solution, Generac, Panasonic, and SunPower.
  • Tesla was the most affordable choice based on the introduced cost of each kilowatt-hour put away.
  • NeoVolta came in a nearby second, at 2.6% higher than Tesla.
  • The discretionary NeoVolta NV24 add-on battery (excluded from the EnergySage report) grows the NV14’s high stockpiling limit from 14.4 kWh to 24.0 kWh, making it significantly more financially savvy choice than the Tesla Powerwall.
  • Other than cost per kWh, there are different elements to think about while buying an energy stockpiling framework, including the inverter power, battery duration, security, and similarity.
  • NEOV’s 7.7 kilowatts of ceaseless power release is around half higher than most rivals in its group, so it can deal with additional electrical loads all the while.
  • Its battery duration of 6,000 cycles, one of the greatest on the private energy stockpiling market, means 16.5 long periods of valuable life (half longer than the customary 4,000-cycle batteries).
  • NeoVolta capacity utilizes protected, nonflammable lithium iron phosphate battery innovation and is viable with any planetary group — new or existing, AC or DC.

How does NEOV stand tall?

Introduced cost of each kilowatt-hour is a significant thought, and NeoVolta (NEOV) invested wholeheartedly to have its NV14 positioned number two out of 22 brands by EnergySage. The NeoVolta NV14 has an all the more remarkable inverter, a higher stockpiling limit, and a more drawn-out life length than the main brand, all with a high-level battery science that is designed for security. What’s more, the NV14 can be moved up to an NV24 to get to a lower kWh cost than the Tesla Powerwall.