The Future Is Here? Enovix Corporation (ENVX)

Enovix Corporation (NASDAQ: ENVX) has secured a new contract, received excellent references, and increased the number of new clients. This has resulted in a 92% increase in monthly performance growth. 

ENVX is a company that is developing a new generation of lithium-ion batteries that have a better energy density and a lower danger of fire. A specific design, in particular, “slows down” the flow of electrons to the short circuit and avoids thermal acceleration of the battery cell in the event of damage.

Enovix now manufactures batteries for consumer gadgets, but the company plans to scale the technology with cells in massive storage and transportation.

ENVX earned its first large contract in May 2022. Enovix delivered its products to a dozen OEMs and four large component wholesalers in the second quarter of this year. Furthermore, the business has finished development and delivered to clients its first batteries, which are made up of several cells and have a power management system.

This is the first step in scaling the technology up for usage in larger batteries than those used in smartphones.

Enovix also obtained its first UN38.3 Lithium-Ion battery shipment safety certification.

To commercialize its inventions, the business still has a lot of work to perform. However, Wall Street has taken note of Enovix stock. Loop Capital increased its price objective for ENVX shares to $100 from $50 due to Enovix’s collaborations with industry titans like Samsung and Apple.

Northland Private Equity has a lower target price, although it was just lifted from $22 to $25.

ENVX is currently constructing a facility to produce its batteries. Long-term investors are interested in the company’s potential expansion into a significant battery provider.

Looking at the company’s market volatility, it has a 1-week volatility index of 12.02% and a monthly volatility index of 10.62%. The average true range (ATR) for this stock is now 2.03. The Volatility indicator indicates how much a stock is expected to fall or rise when the rest of the market falls or rises.