Immutep Limited Surges Beyond Resistance Level on Positive Updates

Immutep Limited (NASDAQ: IMMP), an Australian biotechnology company focused on developing immunotherapeutic products for cancer and autoimmune diseases, is experiencing a significant premarket price surge.

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Building on its strong performance throughout the week, IMMP stock has witnessed a remarkable jump from a low of $1.52 to a peak of $3.63.

With its innovative product candidates in clinical trials, Immutep Limited is attracting attention and generating optimism among investors for its potential breakthroughs in cancer treatment and beyond.

IMMP Surpasses Resistance Level

Immutep Limited (IMMP) has witnessed a significant surge of 63% in premarket trading today, propelled by the breakthrough of a key resistance level. The stock was already attracting bullish sentiment, but this development sparked a dramatic rally that propelled IMMP to its highest point since mid-2022.

This impressive surge indicates a strong bullish momentum and heightened investor optimism in the company’s future prospects. With its focus on developing immunotherapeutic products for cancer and autoimmune diseases, Immutep Limited’s soaring stock price reflects growing confidence in its innovative solutions and potential for further growth in the biotechnology sector.

Immutep Announces Positive Clinical Trial Updates

Immutep’s price surge was catalyzed because of an exciting announcement this week. They revealed positive results from a clinical trial involving their drug, Efti, which targets non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

The trial showed that when Efti was combined with Merck’s anti-PD-1 therapy KEYTRUDA, it led to impressive overall survival rates in NSCLC patients.

Even more encouragingly, patients with a PD-L1 Tumor Proportion Score greater than 1% achieved a median overall survival of 25 months. These findings highlight the potential of efti as a promising treatment option for NSCLC without the need for chemotherapy.


Immutep Limited experienced a significant premarket surge, reaching a peak of $3.63 from a low of $1.52, after breaking through a crucial resistance level. Positive clinical trial results for their drug Efti combined with KEYTRUDA show promising survival rates in non-small cell lung cancer patients, boosting investor optimism and positioning Immutep as an innovative biotech company.