New Screening Adoption Took Intelligent Bio (INBS) Higher

Intelligent Bio (INBS)

Shares of Intelligent Bio Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ: INBS) experienced a notable upswing in the preceding trading session, registering a remarkable 19.10% surge and concluding at $3.13. This uptrend was instigated by a substantial strategic maneuver.

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Intelligent Bio (INBS) unveiled a groundbreaking development: James Jones & Sons Ltd, a prominent UK timber processor and packaging manufacturer, has integrated its revolutionary portable Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System. This innovative system analyzes fingerprint sweat as part of the screening process.

James Jones & Sons Ltd intends to deploy 11 readers across its 25 locations in the United Kingdom. The company is instituting a randomized testing initiative for its workforce of 1,300 employees, aligning with its proactive approach to support the newly introduced substance misuse policy in November 2023.

With a substantial workforce engaged in high-risk activities, such as operating sawmill cutting equipment, pallet and packaging manufacturing units, and wood harvesting machinery, James Jones is committed to advancing its safety standards. The adoption of the Intelligent Fingerprinting system is integral to the implementation of its progressive substance misuse policy.

The in-house HR team at James Jones & Sons Ltd will collaborate closely with Health and Safety colleagues and trained local managers to oversee testing procedures using the sweat-based drug screening system. The company has meticulously orchestrated the system rollout, incorporating a comprehensive company-wide amnesty period that encourages employees to seek well-being support before the new policy took effect in December.

Designed for workplace testing, the Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System empowers organizations with complete control and the flexibility to conduct drug tests promptly and efficiently whenever necessary. This proactive approach allows companies like James Jones & Sons Ltd to assume responsibility for the well-being of both employees and customers while safeguarding their corporate reputation.

James Jones has invested in 11 Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening Systems, comprising portable DSR-Plus readers and single-use chain of custody sample collection cartridges. These systems will be strategically positioned at testing hubs covering the company’s 25 locations across the UK, with potential consideration for expansion to the Australian operations.