WideOpenWest (WOW) Stock Registers Impressive Gain In Extended Trading

WideOpenWest, Inc. (NYSE: WOW) experienced a notable surge in its stock value on the US stock market during the extended trading session on Thursday, marking a substantial increase of 13.19% to $4.29. This followed a 4.41% uptick during the regular session, closing at $3.79. The upward trajectory of WOW stock precedes the impending release of the company’s financial reports, scheduled for Tuesday, May 7, 2024, before the market opens.

Jose Segrera was recently added to the board of directors of WideOpenWest (WOW). Segrera is an adviser for a number of SaaS and IT infrastructure companies, such as Backpack Networks and Mac Stadium. In addition to taking over for Tom McMillin, he will be the Audit Committee’s chair. The new board selections made by Segrera will take effect on May 17, 2024.

Segrera brings a wealth of knowledge to the table from over three decades of experience in the software, cybersecurity, and technological infrastructure areas as an executive, board member, adviser, and entrepreneur. His skills include putting together winning teams, creating and carrying out company plans, and seeing and seizing growth, acquisition, and revenue-generating possibilities.

WideOpenWest has initiated the construction of its all-fiber network in its Greenfield markets of Hernando County, Florida, and Livingston County, Michigan, marking significant progress in its market expansion endeavors. This construction phase represents the most substantial growth in the company’s 25-year history in terms of its all-fiber network.

In the latter part of last year, WideOpenWest unveiled plans to extend its reach to 80,000 homes in Michigan and 44,000 homes in Hernando County, Florida. These expansions align with the company’s overarching strategy to provide its dependable, cutting-edge fiber network and broaden broadband options to customers in additional regions.

Communities within these areas can anticipate the introduction of WideOpenWest’s all-fiber network and Internet plans featuring transparent, all-inclusive pricing. These plans will include the requisite WiFi equipment for initiation, devoid of annual contracts and data usage constraints, all offered at a straightforward, comprehensible price.